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Fast Braces

Fast Braces

FASTBRACES® is for teenagers and adult patients who are looking to straighten their teeth comfortably but don’t want to wait years for quality results or cut corners for speed. This high-quality affordable technology helps straighten teeth really fast, even in about 100 days, without compromising treatment because what’s right for a beautiful smile (the way the teeth look) comes with what’s right for a beautiful bite (the way teeth touch)! FASTBRACES® is used in countries all over the world and is available in discreet tooth-colored esthetic clear or metal braces that are comfortable and deliver beautiful results fast and safely. That’s because the technology behind the FASTBRACES® patented methods and treatment utilizes uniquely designed brackets to work with only one high-tech nickel titanium wire from start to finish that helps restore the morphology of healthy bone around the crooked teeth gently and easily as they become straight. That’s why the key benefit to using FASTBRACES® is that, for many patients, treatment is completed even in about 100 days.


Fast Braces Before and After

Fastbraces in 119 Days

Fastbraces in 119 Days

Fastbraces Open Bite

Fastbraces Open Bite

Fastbraces Crowding with Opening

Fastbraces Crowding with Opening

Fastbraces Crowding with Gum Recession

Fastbraces Crowding with Gum Recession

What is Fastbraces?

Fastbraces were developed to straighten teeth differently. Fastbraces is the revolutionary system of fast, safe, easy and affordable braces that is changing the field of orthodontics. It is a complete, non-extraction system for most cases, which provides patients with outstanding results.

What's the difference between braces and Fastbraces?

When compared to traditional braces, the difference is dramatic. In general, traditional braces take anywhere from one to two years to achieve your end results. Fastbraces are designed to simultaneously move the entire tooth, from root to crown, rather than using two separate phases.

Are Fastbraces painful?

Studies have found that Fastbraces actuallu cause less discomfort than traditional braces. That's because the non-conventional bracket design exerts less force due to friction. Teeth move easily and smoothly, resulting in a more comfortable experience for you as a patient.

Are Fastbraces safe?

Fastbraces is a safe and effective way to straighten teeth in less time. The Fastbraces Technology bracket system is backed by over 25 years of research and development. You can trust th is orthodontic treatment.

Fastbraces Highlights

  1. FAST - treatment time that is measured in months instead of years
  2. EASY - Retainer for only 15-20 minutes a day
  3. SAFE - Tested by leading Universities in the U.S., Europe, and South Africa.
  4. QUALITY - The original, certified by the Inventor and made in the U.S.
  5. SIMPLE - Almost always Non-extraction treatment
  6. CLEAN - possibly less decay around brackets due to short treatment duration
  7. CLEAR - aesthetic ceramic brackets available with tooth colored wire

Benefits of FASTBRACES®

  • Really Fast Treatment
  • Even in about 100 Days
  • Safe, Easy, and Affordable


Invisalign is the virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces, using a series of clear, removable aligners to straighten your teeth without metal wires or brackets. You wear each set of clear aligners for about two weeks, removing them only to eat, drink, brush, and floss. As you replace each aligner with the next in the series, your teeth will move - little by little, week by week - until they have straightened to the final position your orthodontist or dentist has prescribed. You'll visit your orthodontist or dentist about once every six weeks to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned.

Total treatment time averages 9-15 months and the average number of aligners worn during treatment is between 18 and 30, but both will vary from case to case.



How does Invisalign work?

An Invisalign-trained dentist will utilize 3D computer imaging technology to demonstrate the complete treatment plan from the initial position to the final desired position. This imaging technology is then used to design an individualized series of custom-made aligners. The patient wears the aligner for about two weeks while the teeth move incrementally. After two weeks, the current aligner is replaced with the next one until the final position is achieved.

What do aligners look like?

Aligners are clear and nearly invisible. If you've ever seen clear tooth-whitening trays, that should give you a good idea of what the aligners look like. Invisalign aligners are custom-made to fit and move your teeth.

Will the treatment be painful?

Each time you change to a new aligner, there may be some temporary discomfort while your teeth adjust to their new position. This is completely normal, and is a good sign that the treatment is working.

Will wearing Invisalign aligners affect my speech?

Some people are affected more than others, but most adjust in a short period of time to the feeling of the aligners and do not have permanent changes in their speech.

How often will I have to wear my aligners?

Invisalign only works while you're wearing the aligners. It's recommended that you wear your aligners full-time, day and night, except to eat, brush, and floss your teeth.

How much does Invisalign cost?

Cost is always a concern, and only your doctor can determine the price of treatment. It is typically in the same range as ordinary metal braces, ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 or more, depending on the requirements of your case.

Does Invisalign really work?

Yes. In orthodontic and dental practices nationwide, Invisalign has been proven effective at straightening teeth.

Does insurance cover Invisalign?

Any insurance plan that covers orthodontics should cover Invisalign.

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