Dental Plan

No Dental Coverage?

Due to the crippled economy, we are all affected in many ways. However, dental care should not be compromised as it is an essential component to our health. Having a beautiful smile is not only for cosmetic appearances, but it is directly related to our health. Studies have shown that poor oral health is a direct link to heart disease, increases risks of diabetics, causes respiratory complications and low birth rates in pregnant mothers. With regular dental exams and cleanings, we can help prevent and control these conditions in furthering any complications. You can have a beautiful smile and have healthy gums and teeth for life!

We have designed an In-Office Discount Plan that would make dental visits affordable. This is not an insurance plan, but a discount plan. There are no 3rd party insurance brokers involved.

This plan was designed with our valuable patients in mind and the quality of care we provide. It is designed to help patients who do not have any dental coverage, patients who have limited dental coverage (HMO/Denti-cal/discount plans) or patients who are interested in a dual dental coverage.

Please call us today so we can tell you more about this affordable plan.

Discount Plan 8021


This is a one-time membership fee that is renewable every year.

  • $125 Individual Plan (1 person)
  • $250 Family Plan (coverage up to 4 individuals)
  • Must be within immediate family or living in the same household


  • 2 Exams a year and X-rays are covered at 100%, no co-pays (savings of $215 each visit)
  • 40%-60% off on all basic and major treatments
  • Only $140 for preventative appointments (savings of $320)
  • No limitations or frequencies
  • No insurance deductibles
  • No high premiums
  • No age limitations
  • No pre-existing conditions
  • Additional Exams for only $90
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